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My Time

Six months ago, I read a true life story which prompted me to write a fan fic. It was to be my next entry for the Big Bang challenge. However, so much changed throughout the writing that I scrapped the Big Bang idea. The story became too important. My two precious readers who encouraged the stories' every word became too important. Ray Doyle, my all time gorgeous hero became less important as I thought of the unsung men behind the true story. When I finally heard of the troubles that have ensued in HMP Birmingham and understanding the possible issues behind them, I decided to post the story.


Oops ...

Oops, that terrifying moment when you accidentally send a parcel ...

Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves

Quite honestly, when I look at the personal recs on my Amazon page it reads like something halfway between a prescription pad and a porn site. If anyone found my Kindle they would quite possibly have a field day (or a heart attack depending on their point of view of course).
Therefore, when something unusual pops up in suggestions, I tend to sit up and take notice. When 'Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves' came up, I sat up and took notice. It had been aired on BBC4 which is far too highbrow for my teeny tiny brain, so I would have missed the free airings and been put off by the subtitling anyway. (It's Swedish with English titles).
However, something that well-starred was not to be sniffed at, so I ordered and then I watched. Then I cried, and I watched some more. Then I drank a bottle of red and I threw some things around. Then I watched some more and then I wrote a fic.
Generally I never post fiction without at least thinking a little, but I was saying this one aloud before I even reached the keyboard.
I normally dislike the thought of any work I do being slated, but on this occassion, I don't care. I'm also sorry to have had to use my favourite characters to express how I felt about watching this film.
Watch this if you can, everyone SHOULD see this piece at least once. Read my fic if you like, the choice on that is entirely yours.

Bodie and Doyle - Temptation

So I like Bodie and Doyle, but I also like Heaven 17. What do I like best? Theres only one way to find out!


Box Of Tricks Big Bang to End

Sad news via email that the current mods are unable to continue running the Box Of Tricks Big Bang.
I for one, would love to be involved in any rescue attempt of the BB, I wonder if anyone else would?

Staying For Christmas series

A last fling with the typewriter before Christmas. The sequel is completely unread, so apologies for errors.
I really enjoyed writing 'Stay For Christmas' for the Discovered in The Holly and the Ivy challenge and am thrilled that people seemed to like it.
There was always a much darker story lurking behind it however, giving a glimpse of the horrors that lead Bodie through the doors of a asylum.
I primarily wrote this for myself and if you enjoyed 'Stay for Christmas', then you might want to just leave it there and not read this one.
This is NOT a fluffy Christmas story. It's not pretty or likable, but there IS hope and there IS love in there somewhere and God knows, Bodie needs plenty of those...