Ode To An Old dog

I watched the beauty of your youth
And now I face the awful truth
Don’t die dog.

I watched your legs run on for miles
But now you slip on kitchen tiles
Don’t die dog.

I saw your eyes so bright and clear
Now you’re not certain when I’m near
Don’t die dog.

You jumped on tables, stole the chairs
Now we dread you climbing stairs
Don’t die dog.

Bred for show, they didn’t know
How fear and pain would lie you low
Don’t die dog.

And then we met and fell in love
An angel sent from skies above
Don’t die dog.

I tell myself you’re looking well
Instead of facing certain hell
Don’t die dog.

Please don’t look so old and frail
Please don’t end the fairy tale
Don’t die dog.

I can’t be ready, never will
To think that you might just be ill
Don’t die dog.

You are the life I want to live
The loss of which God can’t forgive
Please, PLEASE never die dog.
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